Review: Cathay Pacific The Wing, Business Hong Kong

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The Wing Business Class Lounge

Airport : Hong Kong (HKG)
Terminal : Terminal 1
Operator : Cathay Pacific Airways
Access : Cathay Pacific and oneworld First and Business Class passengers, oneworld Emerald and Sapphire frequent flyers, and Cathay Silver members.
Date of Visit : June 2023

The Wing, Business is one of the five Cathay Pacific Lounges operated by the airline at its home and primary hub, Hong Kong International Airport. Connected to the First Class section of the lounge, The Wing, Business joins the other two Cathay Pacific Business Class lounges in Hong Kong – The Pier, Business and The Deck. Like The Wing, First, this lounge features the airline’s older lounge design language.

Lounge Access Rules

Passengers with a same-day reservation on Cathay Pacific and oneworld First Class and Business Class flights are eligible for access. Passengers connecting to a oneworld flight from an international oneworld First Class and Business Class flight are also eligible for entry. When accessing by status, passengers holding at least Cathay Silver status are eligible for access. This also extends to Sapphire status holders with oneworld carriers, such as JAL Global Club Sapphire, AAdvantage Platinum, or BA Executive Club Silver. Of course, access is also permitted to oneworld Emerald card holders. Refer to the Cathay Pacific website for specific details.


The Wing, Business Class Lounge is located near gates 1 to 4 at Hong Kong International Airport. After clearing immigration, head down the escalators and walk left towards gates 1 to 4. The entrance to The Wing, Business is located behind the travelators across from Gate 2. Although The Wing, First and The Wing, Business are interconnected, note that you will not be permitted to enter The Wing, Business through the entrance of The Wing, First without the eligibility to enter the latter lounge.

Entrance to The Wing, Business

The Wing Business Class Lounge

At the entrance to the lounge is a large and elegant reception desk, with a nice lit glass backdrop. Here, the lounge attendants will take a scan of your boarding pass and stamp it for re-entry. On this visit, I personally entered The Wing, Business through The Wing, First, which I’ve reviewed in a previous instalment. Despite flying Economy Class, I had access to that lounge by virtue of my Cathay Diamond tier membership, equivalent to oneworld Emerald.

Lounge Seating and Amenities

As hinted in the introduction, The Wing, Business incorporates Cathay Pacific’s previous generation lounge design. A work of the famed British architect, Sir Norman Foster, this Business Class section of the lounge was last refurbished in 2012. As such, it is no surprise to see many sleek lines and minimalist tones from the polished black stone and white marble, characteristic of a Cathay Pacific of that era.

Main lounge area

After making your way up from the reception area, you’ll find the main lounge of The Wing, Business. This is the primary seating area of the lounge, in which you’ll find a variety of seating options and a small food spread. Although The Wing, Business had at one point been one of Cathay’s biggest lounges, it has shrunken quite a bit over the pandemic. As such, you’d be surprised to see that the main lounge area does not look huge.

The Wing, Business lounge area
The Wing, Business lounge area

Here, there are three kinds of seating options, most of which are soft-leather sofa chairs arranged facing each other. Conveniently, these seats have a power outlet located in the marble console next to them. On the interior side of the lounge are also a couple of large booths with a large U-shaped sofa that could easily seat eight people. This is probably the cosiest place to socialise and relax for those travelling with others.

The Wing, Business lounge seating
The Wing, Business lounge seating
Sofa seats and booth seating in The Wing, Business

In addition to the sofa seats, there are also 12 Solus chairs placed between the sofa seating and the Long Bar. These are the same type of Norman Foster-designed high-walled Solus chairs available in The Wing, First. However, unlike the black and red First Class version of the seat, these feature a white shell with a grey leather interior. Likewise, these chairs were designed to act like an informal desk, given its built-in table and power supply.

Solus chairs in The Wing, Business

Long Bar

On the window-facing side of the lounge, you will find The Long Bar, which as its name suggests, is a long bar. This attended bar runs along the length of the entire main lounge area, featuring two rows of high bar seats. As you’d expect, this is a nice place to unwind with a variety of drinks, including my personal favourite – the Cathay Delight.

The Wing, Business lounge area
Long Bar at The Wing, Business

The Noodle Bar

Located at the far end of The Wing, Business is Cathay Pacific’s signature noodle bar. Unlike The Wing, First’s restaurant-style dining, The Noodle Bar is the only dedicated dining area in the Business Class section. Although table service is not offered, most food is made fresh and ordered immediately à la carte from The Noodle Bar.

The Noodle Bar

There are a great many seats available here, although do note that most tables are communal and the seats are backless. In any case, this setup looks a lot like those of a traditional cha chaan teng restaurant. After all, Hong Kong is famous for these tea house-style eateries known for their great no-nonsense food and shared communal tables.

The Noodle Bar
The Noodle Bar

The Coffee Loft

Like The Teahouse offered at the The Wing, First, there is also a dedicated café facility at The Wing, Business. This is called the Coffee Loft, which features café-inspired seating where you can enjoy barista-made espresso-based drinks. The Coffee Loft is located at the far end of the lounge, next to The Noodle Bar. Unfortunately, this facility was closed and cordoned off during my visit, preventing me from getting any pictures.

Lounge Wifi

The Cathay Pacific Lounge has its own WiFi, separate from the network offered in the terminal. Fascinatingly, the network setting is identical to any other Cathay Pacific Lounge in the world. As such, if you’ve been to a Cathay Pacific Lounge (even if not this one), chances are you would be connected to the network automatically.


The Noodle Bar

As I’ve previously noted, the food spread at The Wing, Business revolves mostly around The Noodle Bar. Like those at any other Cathay Pacific lounge, this counter features a noodle and dim sum menu akin to those in a cha chaan teng.

The Noodle Bar

Undoubtedly, the Wonton Noodles are the main dish to look out for, followed by the similarly popular spicy peanut-based Dan Dan Mien. In addition to those two, The Noodle Bar also has two more noodle options, which during my visit, included Fish Ball Noodles and Braised Mushroom Noodles. Since The Wing, Business shares a kitchen with The Wing, First, I’m sure you can expect the same excellent food here.

Menu at The Noodle Bar
Condiments in the Noodle Bar

In addition to the made-to-order dishes at the noodle counter itself, there is also a limited number of hot dishes available in a buffet spread. The hot options here all feature Cantonese and Chinese dishes like fried rice and dim sum. I’m sure this was intentionally decided to complement the flavours of the made-to-order noodle-based dishes.

Hot dishes at The Noodle Bar
Hot dishes at The Noodle Bar
Dim sum selection at The Noodle Bar

Finally, there are also a number of drinks available in The Noodle Bar, which include a variety of soft canned drinks, tea and coffee, milk, and water. Furthermore, Cathay Pacific’s specially-made Betsy Beer is also on offer here, which may be of interest to beer aficionados.

Beverage selection
Beverage station

Lounge buffet

In addition to the made-to-order dishes available at The Noodle Bar, a smaller buffet spread is also available in the main lounge area. Much like the case at The Wing, First, the food selection in this section is noticeably more Western. For one, available is a salad bar, in addition to the hot food choices and a very nice-looking selection of cakes and cheeses. The food honestly looks fresh and high-quality, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The Wing, Business main lounge area
Salad Bar
Sandwiches and cakes
Selection of cheese and crackers
Selection of cakes
Coffee machine
Fruit juices and soft drinks


Located between the main seating area and the Noodle Bar are the toilets, which are segregated by gender. Unlike the toilets available at The Wing, First, this one features a much more conventional design with white and black tones. Here, the toilet stalls do not have their own sinks, although I did appreciate the toilet being clean and well-kept.

Male toilet at The Wing, Business

As it stands, The Wing, Business does not offer any shower offerings. Whilst an expansive shower facility was historically available, the downstairs space for this has since been returned to the Hong Kong Airport Authority during the COVID-19 Pandemic. For Business Class passengers and oneworld Sapphire frequent flyers looking to shower, I advise going to The Deck near Gate 6.


Overall, I found Cathay Pacific’s The Wing Business Class Lounge to be a solid lounge at the hub of the airline. Despite being superseded by a new design theme, Sir Norman Foster’s design has truly stood the test of time. For one, I am very fond of the Asian-inspired sleek and minimalist look of the lounge. Whilst the lack of showers and certain facilities leave something to be desired, I still thoroughly enjoyed my brief visit to this lounge.

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    Hello, if using japan airlines business class, can this lounge be use? thank you

    1. Hi Naoko, yes of course! Japan Airlines is part of oneworld and thus JAL Business Class eligible for entry.

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