Sleepless in Seattle

  • Review: Japan Airlines 767 Economy Class (NRT-SEA)

    The Economy Class cabin is equipped with a 7-abreast 2-3-2 configuration divided into two cabins, totalling 24 rows. The SkyWider seats are 17.7 inches (45 cm) wide, which is amongst JAL’s narrowest Economy Class seats. By comparison, the SkyWider seats on the Boeing 787 are 18.9 inches (48 cm) wide.

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  • Review: Japan Airlines 787-8 Economy Class (CGK-NRT)

    Japan Airlines is said to have the world’s most comfortable Economy Class. But does it? Read this detailed review of a flight from Jakarta to Tokyo for more.

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  • Introduction: Sleepless in Seattle

    Hej! Let’s go on an adventure, a Sleepless in Seattle one! On this trip, we’ll be taking on North America flying JAL Economy Class. How’s that for a change?!

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