Seattle Tacoma

  • Review: Alaska Lounge Concourse D (SEA)

    Alaska Lounge Concourse D Opened in June 2023 after an extensive renovation, the Alaska Lounge at Concourse D is the airline’s latest offering at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. After checking out the Alaska Lounge in the North Satellite, I decided to head to this lounge, which is closer to the gate for my American Eagle flight.…

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  • Review: Alaska Lounge North Satellite (SEA)

    At the far end of the seating area is a row of chaise lounge chairs facing the window. Each padded chair has a console table with a lamp, under which you’ll find a power outlet. Although the windows boast a very nice view of the airport’s main terminal, these chairs are too low for you…

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  • Review: Japan Airlines 767 Economy Class (NRT-SEA)

    The Economy Class cabin is equipped with a 7-abreast 2-3-2 configuration divided into two cabins, totalling 24 rows. The SkyWider seats are 17.7 inches (45 cm) wide, which is amongst JAL’s narrowest Economy Class seats. By comparison, the SkyWider seats on the Boeing 787 are 18.9 inches (48 cm) wide.

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