Review: Qantas Business Class Lounge Singapore (SIN)

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Qantas Business Class Lounge Singapore

Airport : Singapore (SIN)
Terminal : Terminal 1
Operator : Qantas Airways
Access : Qantas and oneworld First and Business Class passengers, oneworld Emerald and Sapphire frequent flyers, and Qantas Club members
Date of Visit : December 2023

The Qantas Singapore Lounge opened in 2013, replacing the old First and Business Class lounge – shared with British Airways. Whereas Qantas took over the Business Class facility, the First Class section later became the British Airways Lounge. Much like the Qantas Lounge Hong Kong, the Singapore lounge was designed by David Caon and SUMU. Due to overcrowding in recent years, the lounge has been supplemented by the Qantas First Lounge, which I’ve reviewed in a past instalment.

Lounge Access Rules

First Class and Business Class passengers flying on same-day Qantas and oneworld flights are eligible for access. Passengers connecting to a oneworld flight from an international oneworld First Class and Business Class flight are also eligible for entry. By status, passengers with at least Qantas Gold status are eligible for access. This also extends to Sapphire status holders with oneworld carriers, such as Cathay Gold, AAdvantage Platinum, or BA Executive Club Silver. Of course, access is also permitted to oneworld Emerald card holders. Additionally, Qantas Club members can use the lounge before a Qantas flight. Refer to the Qantas website for more details.

Qantas Singapore Lounge


Like the Qantas First Class Lounge and the majority of oneworld Lounges, the Qantas International Business Lounge is located in Terminal 1. If you just cleared departure immigration in Singapore, turn left and walk past a few duty-free shops to find an escalator next to The Cocoa Trees, with signage pointing to the Qantas Business Lounge, the British Airways Lounge and the SATS Premier Lounge. After going up the escalators, make a left turn. You’ll find the Qantas Business Class Lounge down the narrow corridor next to the SATS Premier Lounge.

Escalators to the Qantas Lounge
Location of the Qantas Lounge
Entrance to the Qantas Lounge

Qantas Business Lounge

After checking out the Qantas First Class Lounge, I quickly headed to the airline’s International Business Lounge before it got crowded. The Qantas International Business Lounge opens daily at 15.30, four hours before the airline’s first departure. Funnily, the agent who admitted me into the First Lounge was also at the reception when I arrived, so he just waived me in upon recognising me from earlier. I’ll note that the reception is adorned with Peranakan-style tiles, which is the only noticeable design element inspired by Singapore in the lounge.

Qantas Lounge reception
Entrance to the Qantas Lounge

The Qantas International Business Lounge is separated into two distinct areas – a lounge area and a dining area, joined by a bar area between them. In total, both areas accommodate a maximum of 570 guests. This only makes sense given the multiple widebody Qantas departures between 19.30 and 21.30. I’ll elaborate on each area individually below.

Qantas Lounge Bar


You’ll find the bar as soon as you step into the lounge. Its centrepiece is a manned bar with five high-top bar seats. A complimentary large selection of wines and cocktails, as well as other drinks are available on demand.

Seating at the bar area

Apart from the bar itself, the bar area also has a limited seating area that merges into the lounge area. This consists of bright yellow swivelling chairs, as well as two rows of high-top chairs on the bar island counter. Additionally, a selection of reading material is also available by the wall near the seats.

Seating at the bar area
Seating at the bar area
Reading material

In addition to the drinks available at the bar, a wide selection of wines are on offer on the island counter by the seating area. Available in an impressive array of self-poured wines, most of them Australian. Sadly but expectedly, Champagne is not on offer nor was it available.

Wine display
Beverage selection
Choice of wines

Main Lounge Area

Immediately behind the bar seating area is the lounge’s main seating area, which features rows and rows of Qantas’s diamond-quilted signature sofa chairs. While not particularly exciting, I liked that the leather and fabric chairs featured different colour schemes, giving a splash of vividness to the space.

Qantas Lounge seating
Qantas Lounge seating

In addition to the sofa chairs, there are also three massive communal work tables cutting through the middle of the lounge. Sadly, these seats do not feature power outlets, which I think is a massive oversight on the part of Qantas.

Qantas Lounge seating
Qantas Lounge seating

Notably, while the lounge does not have exterior windows, Changi Airport Terminal 1’s massive skylights allow sunlight to seep into the lounge’s interior-facing windows. In any case, this wouldn’t make that great of a difference as most Qantas departures are at night.

Qantas Lounge seating
Qantas Lounge seating
View from the Qantas Lounge

I’ll also note that power outlets are thankfully abundant in the lounge. Virtually every non-communal table seat has access to a universal power outlet and two USB-A ports, cleverly hidden under the coffee tables.

Power outlets
Qantas Lounge seating

On the corner in the far back is also an awkwardly placed children’s seating area, with a handful of chairs. These don’t seem to get much use given its placement. For one, it pales in comparison to the offering at the Qantas Lounge Hong Kong.

Children’s furniture

Interior Lounge Area

Towards the back is even more seating, this time featuring leather bench seats accompanied by swivelling chairs in a smart black. Likewise, power outlets are available under the coffee tables by each seat.

Qantas Lounge seating
Qantas Lounge seating

Finally, more of the airline’s signature sofa chairs line the interior portion of the lounge. The seats are similarly arranged in rows as you’d find at most major airport lounges. While not very creative, it is a pragmatic choice to maximise capacity (and capacity is what the lounge needs).

Qantas Lounge seating
Qantas Lounge seating

You’ll also find a small refreshments station by the wall in the interior portion of the lounge. Available are the same choices of wines and soft drinks you’d find at the bar, alongside some snacks, tea, and a coffee machine.

Wines and snacks
Coffee and Tea
Qantas Lounge seating
Qantas Lounge seating

Dining Area

Located behind the bar area is the dedicated dining area, which has a unique jagged layout. The dining area features a nice buffet selection separated into two areas, alongside a noodle bar. Individual tables are lined along the interior-facing windows.

Dining area
Seating in the dining area
Seating in the dining area

Additionally, five large communal tables bisect the dining area, each seating 12 people. These appear to be inspired by the communal seating you’d find at traditional kopitiams and hawker centres. In a similar spirit, a choice of traditional chili sambal is offered at the table.

Seating in the dining area
Seating in the dining area

In addition, there is also a small noodle bar in the middle of the dining area, seating just seven people. Sadly, only a very modest à la carte menu is available at the bar. This was ultimately not an issue, given its role as a supplementary option to the excellent buffet offering.

Noodle bar
Noodle bar menu


As mentioned earlier, the buffet selection is separated into two areas – the first of which features a choice of fresh fruits, salads, and desserts. While this selection probably isn’t up everyone’s sleeves, the choice looked very fresh and appealing. In particular, I really appreciate the creative salad offerings, which goes well as a pre-flight refreshment or a light dinner.

Salad and dessert bar
Salad and dessert bar
Choice of salads
Chilled salad bar
Fresh fruit selection
Dessert selection

Past the noodle bar, a hot food buffet complements the cold selection. The selection includes a choice of soup, three hot mains, as well as rice and bread rolls. Note that both sides of the island feature the same selection of food. Much like the cold selection, I found the dishes to be fresh and light tasting. Well done, Qantas!

Hot food selection
Cream of Carrot Soup and Pasta with Roasted Tomato and Zucchini
Roasted Cauliflower with Parsley and Roasted Chicken with Rosemary and Orange Sauce,
Jasmine Rice


A selection of drinks complements the food selection, identical to the offering available at the bar and at the rest of the lounge. To rehash, this includes a selection of Australian wines, chilled soft drinks, orange and apple juice, as well as coffee and tea. Additionally, salted pretzels and pineapple tarts are also available, the latter being a cute local touch.

Juices and wines
Selection of wines
Bar snacks
Coffee and tea selection
Chilled soft drinks and wines



The gender-segregated toilets are located down a narrow corridor near the Bar and the lounge area. While the rest of the lounge felt modern, I was surprised by how outdated the toilets looked. At the very least, I found the toilets to be clean and tidy if not a bit dim in terms of lighting.

Toilet in the Qantas Lounge
Toilet in the Qantas Lounge
Urinals in the men’s toilet
Toilet stall


Located at the far end of the dining area are the lounge’s 20 shower rooms. This includes one wheelchair-accessible shower room. As is customary at any Qantas Lounge, showers can be requested at the dedicated reception at the entrance to the shower area.

Shower reception
Shower reception
Qantas Singapore Lounge showers

Each shower room features an ensuite toilet and sink, alongside a sink top large enough for a carry-on. Despite its obvious age, I’ll note that the shower suites are bright and well maintained.

Shower room
Shower room

Additionally, you’ll find Li’Tya bath amenities affixed to the shower wall, which I found to be nice. This is the same Australian brand you’d find at other Qantas Business Class Lounges. Sadly, I’ll note that the shower stall only features a handheld shower and no rain shower head. At the very least, the water pressure was decent.

Shower stall
Li’Tya amenities


The Qantas Singapore Lounge features a fast and reliable WiFi network, separate from Singapore Changi Airport’s otherwise excellent network. The network’s speed was great and although network connectivity might be a bit spotty in the showers and certain other areas of the lounge.


In the end, I found the Qantas Singapore Lounge to be an excellent Business Class lounge. Given the mediocrity of the British Airways Lounge, the Qantas lounge is easily the best oneworld Sapphire lounge at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1. Between the fresh and clean-tasting food, the great showers, and the comfortable seating, the Qantas Singapore International Business Lounge is one I would gladly arrive early for.

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