Review: SilverKris Lounge Manila

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SilverKris Lounge Manila

Airport : Manila – Ninoy Aquino (MNL)
Terminal : Terminal 3
Operator : Singapore Airlines
Access : Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance First and Business Class passengers, Star Alliance Gold frequent flyers.
Date of Visit : June 2023

The SilverKris Lounge is Singapore Airlines’ equivalent to a Business Class lounge. Given the airline’s four daily widebody flights to and from Manila, it is reasonable for them to operate a lounge in an otherwise lacklustre terminal. As such, the SilverKris Lounge Manila joins the nine other lounges operated by the airline in outstation airports outside Singapore.

Lounge Access Rules

The Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge Manila is a standard Star Alliance Business Class lounge. As such, First and Business Class passengers departing on Singapore Airlines and other Star Alliance carriers are eligible for access. Sadly, Star Alliance does not have a lounge access provision for connecting passengers. As such, Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance passengers from First and Business Class flights are not eligible for access.

Main seating area in the SilverKris Lounge

When accessing by status, Singapore Airlines permits Solitaire PPS Club, PPS Club, and KrisFlyer Elite Gold members to access this lounge, when departing on a Singapore Airlines or Star Alliance flight. In addition, frequent flyers with Star Alliance Gold status (ANA Diamond and Platinum Service, Lufthansa Senator, etc.) departing on Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance flights are also eligible for entry. You can refer to this document on the Singapore Airlines website for further information.


The Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge Manila is located in the lounge cluster at Ninoy Aquino International Aiport Terminal 3. After clearing departure security, follow the signs pointing to the airline lounges. This will take you to a lift lobby-cum-stairway near Gate 114. Head up to Level 4 and turn right to the corridor upon exiting the lift lobby. The Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge is the second lounge in this corridor, just past the Cathay Pacific Lounge.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge

SilverKris Lounge Manila

At the entrance to the lounge is a reception desk, where the uninterested lounge agent took a scan of my boarding pass and advised me that there would be no boarding calls for ANA. Due to the Star Alliance lounge policy, I had access by virtue of my ANA Business Class ticket departing Manila. Do note that this lounge is open only between 04.30 – 09.00 and 11.00 – 18.00.

Entrance to the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge

Lounge Seating and Amenities

The SilverKris Lounge Manila consists of a single large room that is virtually divided into smaller sections. Most of the space, however, is taken by rows and rows of sofa chairs. This lounge features Singapore Airlines’s ‘Home Away From Home’ lounge design ethos, which first debuted in Sydney in 2013. The design language was conceived by the architectural firm ONG&ONG and was designed and modelled after elements of a home. This is the same style that you’ll find in other SilverKris Lounges in Bangkok, Brisbane, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

SilverKris Lounge Manila
SilverKris Lounge Manila

Living room seating

Located immediately to the right of the reception is a small nook, featuring seats arranged in a living-room-like atmosphere. Specifically, there are three pairs of love seats facing each other in this space, along with a pair of armchairs on one side. Given the warm lighting and the relative seclusion compared to the open feeling of the main seating area, this is perhaps the cosiest and most intimate seating option in the lounge.

Living room nook in the SilverKris Lounge
Living room nook in the SilverKris Lounge

Dining area seating

Across from the small living room-like area is the dining area, which features a few choices of seating. First is a set of four tables, each complemented by a dining chair and a single sofa that runs along the length of the wall. Compared to the other types of seats offered in the dining area, this is likely to be the most comfortable.

Table seating in the dining area
Table seating in the dining area

Next to the dining table area is a large communal table which seats a total of ten people at maximum. The seats here are a bit higher than those at the table, which combined with the low seat backs might be cumbersome to certain people. Conveniently, however, there are a few power outlets embedded into the table, which makes this a good alternative work surface.

Communal table in the SilverKris Lounge

Finally, right past the food spread are 12 bar seats separated into two parts. The first seats is part of a long bar marble bar counter that views into the main lounge space. This is supplemented by a slightly more intimate bar counter seating two, facing the wall. For one, I find it puzzling how poorly this space was utilised by the designers, as it could easily fit a good number of much nicer table seats. Instead, there is a large empty space between the bar seats and the buffet. Oh well.

Dining area bar seats
Bar seats in the SilverKris Lounge
Dining area bar seats

Window-side nook

On the window-side corner opposite the living room nook is another nook with just seven seats. Three of those seats consist of high-backed wing chairs – a characteristic piece of furniture found in many Singapore Airlines lounges. This is accompanied by four red leather-clad sofa chairs tightly arranged next to each other. Despite the small number of seats, this nook opens to the rest of the lounge, rendering it less cosy than the first nook.

Seating in the SilverKris Lounge
Seating in the SilverKris Lounge

Main lounge seating

Most seats in the SilverKris Lounge can be found in the expansive main lounge area, which has three rows of sofa chairs lined along the length of the room. Each seat is accompanied by a lighted console table, all of which feature a pair of power outlets. Along the windows, there are also pairs of sofa chairs arranged facing each other. Power outlets are also thoughtfully available for these seats, located on the wall under the windows.

Main seating area in the SilverKris Lounge
Main seating area in the SilverKris Lounge
Window-side seating in the SilverKris Lounge

Although the arrangement of the chairs and seats in this lounge isn’t very creative, I do appreciate how functional and pragmatic the design is. The design and placement of chairs definitely maximise the number of seats in this lounge, which is a valuable aspect given how premium-heavy Singapore Airlines planes tend to be. In any case, I’d say that I quite like the look and style of this area. The combination of the nicely patterned carpets and the warm lighting permeating the space definitely gave the SilverKris Lounge a premium look. Although not as comfortable or cosy as the neighbouring Cathay Pacific Lounge, this relatively opulent style is certainly the sort of first impression that Singapore Airlines wishes to cultivate.

Main seating area in the SilverKris Lounge
Main seating area in the SilverKris Lounge

Booth seats

Located along the width of both ends of the space are the booth chairs, which may just be the SilverKris Lounge’s x-factor. These semi-private high-walled booths feature a built-in lamp, power supply, and a table surface. I’ll admit that I love the design of these booths, which appears to take its inspiration from the First Class seats on the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER.

Booth chairs in the SilverKris Lounge

These booth chairs have been a mainstay of any refurbished SilverKris Lounge since they were introduced as part of the ‘Home Away From Home’ lounge design. When in use, these booths can function either as a solo dining space or an informal work desk. In such a sense, these seats remind me a lot of the excellent Solo chairs and Solus chairs at the Cathay Pacific Lounges.

Booth chairs in the SilverKris Lounge

Lounge Wifi

The SilverKris Lounge maintains its own WiFi network, which is separate from the network offered in the terminal. The SilverKris Lounge WiFi network is password-protected and has decent internet speeds suitable for work or browsing. In any case, it’s better than anything offered in the terminal!


Food buffet

The food at the SilverKris Lounges consists only of a single buffet tucked into an interior corner just past the reception area. Here, there are only four hot dishes and a soup on offer, alongside a variety of cold snacks. For one, I was unimpressed by the barebones selection of Filipino dishes and the lack of anything Singaporean.

SilverKris Lounge food buffet
SilverKris Lounge food buffet

Curiously, the SilverKris Lounge is catered by the PAGSS Lounge, which probably explains the bland and uninspiring choice of food. I managed to sample a bit of the food and thought the selection and taste to be disappointing, though I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Salad Bar
Fruits and Cheese bowls
Cold snack selection
Pork siomai
Plain siopao
Garlic rice
Beef Tapa
Choice of bread


In addition to the basic selection of food, there was also a marginally better selection of drinks, which isn’t saying much. For soft drinks, there was a choice of canned soda, beer, soymilk, and bottled water in the chiller. In addition to that, there was also a questionable choice of ‘Four Seasons Juice’ and ‘Calamansi Juice’. Hmm…

Chilled selection of soft drinks

Next to the chiller is a selection of Twinings tea, complemented by a hot water dispenser. Meanwhile, coffee and espresso-based drinks are dispensed from a coffee machine which curiously has a screen playing Singapore Airlines’ latest ad campaign, ‘Welcome to World Class’. Now, whilst that is a definitely fitting description for the airline’s inflight service, there is nothing world-class about this lounge.


Finally, in terms of alcoholic drinks, there was a choice of three liquors and one wine in addition to the San Miguel beer in the chiller. During my visit, these included Bombay Sapphire Gin, Johnny Walker Black Label Whisky, Absolut Vodka and Table Mountain Chardonnay. Again, a very basic selection if you ask me!

Alcohol beverage selection


Located behind the food buffet and at the far left end of the lounge are the toilets, which are gender segregated. During my visit, I found the male toilet to be bright, clean, and well-kept. Apart from that there was nothing special about it, as it is pretty much barebones for a premium airline lounge. As expected, showers are not available at this lounge.

Male toilet in the SilverKris Lounge
Male toilet in the SilverKris Lounge


All in all, I thought of the SilverKris Lounge Manila to be a mediocre outstation lounge for Singapore Airlines. Although I’ve had limited experience with SilverKris lounges outside Changi Airport, I’ve always found them to be nothing special. Frankly speaking, I’ve found the Manila lounge to be no exception to this rule. Between the lacklustre food and drinks and basic facilities, there’s much to be improved – especially compared to the exceptional Cathay Pacific Lounge next door. Regardless I still appreciate the nicely-designed and comfortable seating area offered by Singapore Airlines, especially when compared to the depressing PAGSS Lounge!

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