Review: Blossom Lounge Changi Airport T4

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Blossom Lounge Changi Airport T4

Airport : Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)
Terminal : Terminal 4
Operator : Plaza Premium Lounge / SATS
Access : From SGD 55 for 3 hours
or by airline invitation
Date of visit : April 2023

The Blossom Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 4 is a joint venture between the Plaza Premium Group and Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS). It is also the only third-party-operated lounge in Terminal 4, effectively commanding a monopoly. The only other lounge is run by Cathay Pacific, open only to their passengers.

Lounge Access

Access to the lounge is afforded to Business Class passengers of most airlines operating from the terminal, including Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines. SkyTeam Elite Plus members flying on the aforementioned airlines can also access this lounge.

For non-airline invitations, the Blossom Lounge accepts Priority Pass. Alternatively, access can be purchased starting from SGD 55 for three hours, subject to prevailing taxes and service charges. Honestly, this seems quite steep for what it is, but each to their own!


After security, the lounge is located on the Mezzanine Floor of Terminal 4. Due to its design, it shouldn’t be hard to locate. Coming from the security checkpoint, simply take the escalators one floor up from the Departures Level. The lounge should already be visible from here.

Blossom Lounge

The friendly reception staff took my lounge invitation and scanned my boarding pass upon entry. This time, I had access by virtue of my Vietnam Airlines Business Class flight to Ho Chi Minh City (SGN). The lounge seating starts immediately after the entrance, and there surely are a lot of seats to choose from.

Blossom Lounge Entrance

Lounge Seating 

Terrace Seating

Directly past the entrance is a row of semi-private cubicles featuring a sofa chair and an ottoman. The setup looked a bit like a bare-bones Business Class seat and would be my main choice when travelling alone. Behind this is the open-air terrace seating area, which looks into the terminal and the Cathay Pacific Lounge, next door. This area is comprised mainly of single-seating sofa chairs. Nicely enough, the ones by the fencing can rotate like an office chair. Interestingly, there is also a bar setup in the middle of this area, although it was unfortunately not staffed during my visit.

Semi-private cubicles
Terrace seating at the Blossom Lounge
Terrace seating at the Blossom Lounge
View towards the Cathay Pacific Lounge
Terrace seating at the Blossom Lounge

Main Section Seating

There are more seating options located in the ‘main section’ of the lounge, close to the dining area and the toilets. The seating here consists of high-walled chairs amongst regular ones. There are also lounge chairs located by the balcony-like area behind this, which nicely views Terminal 4’s Peranakan Heritage Zone.

High-walled seating in the Blossom Lounge
Lounging chairs in the Blossom Lounge
View from the Blossom Lounge

Curiously, Changi Airport regularly screens a show called ‘Peranakan Love Story’ on the facade of the shophouses. As such, this seating is perhaps the best place to see this feature. Bear in mind, due to the music and sounds of the feature, this could be a nuisance as well.

Peranakan Love Story feature

Dining Area Seating

Finally, between the main seating section and the entrance is the food buffet area, which has its own dedicated seating. Expectedly, this area is set up with table dining, complementing the food and beverage spreads. The seating comprised booths that feature benches and normal dining chairs. Honestly, this really looked like a cafeteria!

Dining area seating

Wifi and Power Outlets

A wifi network separate from the terminal’s main network is available in the lounge. Conveniently, the wifi password is posted on signs all over the lounge, which is nice and helpful. In addition, I also really appreciate the abundance of power outlets, available at practically every seat.

Lounge Dining

In the dining area, there is a cold food spread featuring a salad and fruit bar, pastries, and ice cream. The ice cream is from a local company called Udders. Despite its rather unappealing name, the ice cream was very nice!

Drink station in the Blossom Lounge
Salad and fruit station in the Blossom Lounge
Udders Ice Cream in the Blossom Lounge

In addition, there is also a ‘kitchen station’ featuring hot dishes and a limited cooked-to-order menu. During my visit, the cooked-to-order dishes included Vegetarian Noodles and Singapore Laksa. I came between the breakfast and lunch times and so I was able to see the dishes for both. Breakfast featured stir-fried noodles, ham, and scrambled eggs, whereas lunch featured biryani rice and masala-spiced chicken.

Kitchen station in the Blossom Lounge
Kitchen station in the Blossom Lounge
Hot breakfast dishes selection
Hot lunch dishes selection

The lounge also has a basic choice of liquor and wine located by the drink and cereal station. There is also a dedicated beverage area across from this, with a water dispenser.

Alcoholic beverages
Beverage Corner in the Blossom Lounge


The lounge’s gender-separated toilets are located behind the main section seating. Whilst it is quite small, the toilet was clean and well-kept. They also have a couple of shower rooms, although they are behind locked doors. Whilst Plaza Premium’s website suggests that there is an extra fee associated with the use of the showers, I can’t independently confirm this.

Toilet in the Blossom Lounge


Overall, the Blossom Lounge is a solid place to spend time before one’s flight out of Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4. The lounge isn’t phenomenal or anything, and I wouldn’t arrive early just to use this lounge. However, I was still quite impressed with the offerings of the Blossom Lounge! Despite effectively operating as a monopoly, the lounge is comfortable and competitive with regard to other contract lounges. Yet, I don’t think I would pay to enter this lounge, solely because Changi Airport Terminal 4 already feels like a lounge in itself.

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