Review: Singapore Airlines Business Class 777 (CGK-SIN)

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Singapore Airlines flight details

Airline : Singapore Airlines
Flight No : SQ965
Departure City : Jakarta – Soekarno-Hatta (CGK)
Arrival City : Singapore – Changi (SIN)
Equipment : Boeing 777-300ER (9V-SWU)
Blocked Time : 1h55m
Seat No: 22F

Airline Introduction

If there’s an airline that doesn’t need an introduction, it’s likely to be Singapore Airlines. The Singapore flag carrier is known the world over as one of the world’s best, in all four travel classes. In fact, Singapore Airlines has even marketed itself as the ‘World’s Most Awarded Airline’. The airline is fittingly based at Changi Airport, which has also been named the world’s best 12 times since 2000. Singapore Airlines belongs to Star Alliance and flies a mixed fleet of Airbus A350s, A380s, Boeing 737s, 777s, and 787s to five continents.

Booking Singapore Airlines Business Class

This flight can be redeemed via KrisFlyer for a hefty 21,000 miles. Singapore Airlines cleverly uses a detailed award chart that limits the possible number of sweet spots. Despite that, I wouldn’t recommend redeeming miles for solely this flight, as a further addition of 5,500 miles can take you all the way to Hong Kong or Taipei.

By cash, a return flight between Jakarta and Singapore is bookable for IDR13,600,000 (£740) or alternatively, for IDR7,800,000 (£390) one way. An absolutely absurd premium for a sub-2-hour flight if you ask me! Ironically enough, Singapore Airlines consistently offers the cheapest flights between the two cities, whereas Garuda Indonesia and Batik Air charge a marginal to significant premium for objectively inferior products.


Like most non-low-cost carriers, Singapore Airlines departs from Terminal 3 at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport. I arrived here at 16.00 for this 19.00 departure. The airline’s check-in desks are located at Island C, exclusively used by the airline. The counters are open all day long, given their six daily departures. However, I’m not sure if you’ll be permitted to check in early, since the screens show a specific flight.

Singapore Airlines check-in desks at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

The desks are divided between First Class, PPS Club Solitaire, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, Economy Class, Without Baggage, and Group Check-in. Star Alliance Gold card holders are invited to use the Premium Economy Class check-in (hmmm). I feel it’s quite incredible to consider the degree of variability between airline members when it comes to treating Star Alliance Gold members.

Departure Hall at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport


Like many non-SkyTeam carriers, Singapore Airlines sends its premium customers to the Plaza Premium Lounge, which I’ve covered in a separate review. The only other lounge belongs in the international section belongs to Garuda Indonesia, accessible by SkyTeam Priority passengers.

Apron view at Terminal 3
Plaza Premium Lounge


Singapore Airlines boards passengers according to four distinct boarding groups determined by the class of travel and status. Business Class passengers are in Group 2, boarding together with the airline’s high-spending PPS Club members. This follows Group 1, reserved solely for First Class passengers. Continuing the trend from check-in, Star Alliance Gold passengers in Economy board with Premium Economy in Group 3.

Gate seating in Terminal 3

The gate is divided into four lines, each corresponding to the respect boarding groups. Passengers requiring special assistance and with young children were invited to pre-board. As is expected at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, the process started five minutes past the printed boarding time. Despite that, it was a very orderly process thanks to the many ushering ground staff who made sure that everyone boarded with the right group. Nicely done!

9V-SWU, the Boeing 777-300ER taking us to Singapore

Singapore B777-300ER Cabin and Seat

Like many Singapore Airlines flights to Jakarta, this flight used a long-haul configurated aircraft, specifically a Boeing 777-300ER. The Business Class cabin is equipped with 48 Business Class seats, split between two cabins. The forward mini-cabin shares the section with four First Class seats. I was seated at the larger main cabin, in the second to last row of Business Class. The airline’s calming boarding music was played in the background.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Business Class cabin

The cabin features Singapore Airlines’ main Business Class seat, introduced back in 2013. Each seat is convertible into a fully flat bed by a folding mechanism. As such, the seat doesn’t recline into a bed and instead has to be flipped over to reveal the bed. Despite that, it doesn’t preclude it from being reclinable into a lounging position. The recline can be controlled with the intuitive buttons on the aisle-facing side of the seat.

Pillows and blankets are provided at the seat upon boarding.

Recline and control buttons

Seat Details

The seat itself is very wide, perhaps only rivalled by ANA’s amazing The Room Business Class. Thoughtfully enough, there are several storage compartments spread around the seat. On the side of, there is a narrow compartment that could fit a laptop or tablet. There is also a small sliding privacy divider between the centre seats.

Singapore Airlines Business Class seat

Additionally, next to the sizeable television screen is also a small but enclosed compartment that fits a phone. There is also a precarious-looking cupholder and a mirror hidden behind a flap. There is also further storage space under the ottoman, suitable for small bags and shoes.

The inflight entertainment screen features Singapore Airlines’ excellent KrisWorld Entertainment system and can be adjusted slightly. A pair of decent noise-cancelling headphones are provided at the seat, although I mostly stuck with my own headphones.

Singapore Airlines Business Class seat

Whilst the seat is overall very impressive, there were several things I wasn’t fond of. First, the width of comes at the price of a proper foot cubby. Placed away from the aisle, the cubbies are quite small, hence requiring one to sleep in a diagonal position.

Furthermore, I found the seat padding to be quite lacking, leaving the seat surface to be quite hard. If it weren’t for the large provided pillow, I’d imagine it would be rather uncomfortable on a long flight. It shouldn’t be as hard in bed mode, however, since the bed uses a different surface.

Departure from Jakarta

Prior to departure, a selection of pre-departure beverages was offered. Our flight pushed back from the gate on time, during which Singapore Airlines’ elegant safety video was played. Impressively enough, all four cabins were completely full, barring two seats in First Class.

Safety video

Interestingly, I noticed that many of the passengers seated near me were high-spending PPS Club members, evident from the tags hanging from the bags on the overhead lockers and from the extra attention they received. I imagine this degree of loyalty towards Singapore must be the envy of every airline in South East Asia!

Moving map

Inflight Service

The crew on our were generally friendly, and undeniably hardworking. However, given the short flightime, service was understandably rushed. Within 10 minutes of takeoff, the inflight service was commenced. The curtains between cabins were promptly closed as soon as the seatbelt signs were extinguished. At the start of the meal, a food trolley was rolled down the aisle. Carrying a passenger manifest, the flight attendant personally greeted each passenger by name before offering the meal.

Dinner Service

Given the sub-2-hour flight time, a light dinner was served. There were three main course options available, including Pan Seared Barramundi, Singapore Chicken Rice, and Noodles with Prawns. Interestingly, printed menus were not provided during this flight. Despite that, the inflight menu can be viewed online a week in advance, during which time you could also pre-select your choice via Manage My Booking.

I had pre-selected the Barramundi, which was served with courgettes and chia seeds. This dish was the International Culinary Panel option, created by Aussie chef Matt Moran. It came served on a clothed tray, straight on the table surface. On the side was an appetiser of a smoked duck breast salad. In addition, there was also a cheesecake with a raspberry compoté for dessert. Despite the messy presentation of the main course, the meal tasted exceptional! The food was very high in quality and everything was fresh.

Pan Seared Barramundi

Drinks were also offered via trolley after the meals were distributed. I had a glass of their Charles Heidseick Champagne in addition to a glass of water. Note that the Champagne on offer has since been switched to Henriot Souverain Brut. A selection of bread was also offered with the drink trolley. For whatever reason though, they forgot to offer me bread. Whilst I was a bit disappointed, I didn’t think much of it. After all, I imagine the cabin crew must have been under a lot of pressure to serve the full 48-seat cabin.

For reference, below is the Singapore Chicken Rice dish, served with roasted chicken, vegetables, and sambal. My travel companion told me that it was very good as well. Overall, a very satisfying meal service on this short flight by Singapore Airlines!

Chicken Rice

Arrival in Singapore

As we were eating our meal, the aircraft started its descent. The cabin crew passed around the cabin several times to clear trays as soon as the meal was finished and offered drink top-ups. About 30 minutes later the seatbelt signs were lit and the cabin was prepared for arrival.

We landed in Singapore 5 minutes early and pulled into a gate at Terminal 3 in preparation for the plane’s next flight. Ordinarily, flights to South East Asia depart from Changi Airport’s Terminal 2. Before the seat belt signs were extinguished, the cabin crew was quick to close the curtains between Business Class and Economy. Whilst both doors were used, I disembarked from Door 1 like most passengers on the right-hand side of the aircraft. At the door, I bid farewell to the crew, who thanked us for flying Singapore Airlines.


Overall, Singapore Airlines really offers an excellent product even on their shortest flights. Whilst the service was a bit rushed and the seats were just okay, the great-tasting meal and the exceptional selection of entertainment made up for that. For once, this made me wish the flight was slightly longer. Truly felt World Class 😉

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