Happy Birthday, Jakarta Potato!

Hello from San Francisco! Today, Jakarta Potato celebrates our very first anniversary! Until today, I completely didn’t realise that exactly one year ago (22 February 2023), I started Jakarta Potato and published my very first post. And just like that, Jyaga too was born!

Jakarta Potato started when I wanted to share with you airline and hotel reviews focused on Bali and Indonesia. Since then, we’ve been to so many more places! We can’t wait to share all the reviews of all the other places we’ve gone to in the last couple of months.

Hello from San Francisco Japantown!

With this, allow me (and Jyaga) to thank you for your continued support over the last year and in the years ahead. After all, you mean the world to us. In this one year of writing, we’ve grown so much but even so, there is still so much room for improvement. From us here at Jakarta Potato, we thank you so much for taking care of us now and in the future.

Merci, merci, and merci.

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