Review: The Tango Taichung

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The Tango Taichung

Nearest Airport : RMQ (19 km away)
Neighbourhood : Nantun District, Taichung
Website :
Address : No. 525, Dadun Rd, Nantun District, Taichung City, Taiwan
Chain : The Tango

The Tango is a Taiwanese chain of business hotels operating eight properties in Taipei and Taichung. Of that curiously, The Tango Taichung is the only hotel in the system that is located outside the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. That’s right, the remaining seven of their hotels are all located in Taipei! Despite its small scale of operations, The Tango appears to have built up a strong reputation within the Taiwanese market, insofar as even collaborating with Asiamiles as a partner!

Booking The Tango Taichung

Although we’ve passed by many Tango hotels in Taipei, I’ve never thought about staying in one. However, as we planned for our last-minute year-end trip to Taichung, most hotels in the city were either sold out or charging absurd rates for a stay. Well, until we came across The Tango Taichung on an online travel agency. For our stay, we paid an average nightly rate of NTD3400 (~USD108, GBP89). Given that our stay occurred over New Year’s, I felt that the rate was a relatively good price given what other hotels were charging.


The Tango Taichung is located in the Nantun District, which together with the Xitun District makes up Taichung’s main commercial and business district. Located about a five-minute drive away is the Taichung City Hall, alongside several department stores like Top City and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts can similarly be reached roughly within the same time.

The Tango Taichung

Given the hotel’s location, there isn’t much to see or do in the direct vicinity of the hotel. However, the hotel is within a 10-minute walking distance of the Shui-an Temple and Wenxin Forest Park Stations on the Taichung Metro. From the hotel, the popular Fengjia Night Market can be reached within a 10-minute car ride or a 30-minute bus ride.

Arrival and Check-in

After making our way to Taichung on the Taiwan High Speed Rail, it was an easy 15-minute taxi ride to The Tango Taichung. At first, we were confused to see our taxi abruptly stopping in the corner of a busy intersection. However, it then became clear that we had arrived at the hotel.

The Tango Taichung signage
Entrance at The Tango

After unloading our bags from the cab, we found ourselves inside, though not before passing through what’s described as a disinfectant machine. The hotel’s lobby features a subtle space-age futuristic design, complete with blue lights, which is all the rage in Taiwan nowadays. Anyway, we went straight to the small reception desk to be greeted by a friend reception agent. After filling out a few forms and having our IDs copied, our agent delightedly announced that our room was ready, even though we arrived at 14.00 (before the check-in time of 16.00). For one, I surely appreciated that they allowed an early check-in!

Our Premium King Room

With our keys in hand, we headed up the lifts to the 15th floor, where our Premium King Room was located. Despite my positive impressions, I did find going up and down to be bothersome. Due to the high occupancy rate and the fact that there are only two lifts, there is usually quite a wait for the lifts. Despite that, this isn’t a major issue in the grand scheme of things.


Our Premium King Room is sized at a relatively comfortable 33 sqm or 355 sqft. Although it is starting to show its age, the room still looks quite modern and feels comfortable for our stay. The bedroom features a large king-sized bed occupying the centre, alongside a bright red lounge chair by the window side.

Premium King Room at The Tango Taichung

Curiously, installed on one of the nightstands is a wireless charging pad, which is the first time I’ve seen one at a hotel anywhere in the world. Given the look of the room, this was definitely a surprise, given how wireless charging still isn’t big yet in most places. Whilst I had my doubts, the pad actually works, although is very slow at charging my iPhone.

Premium King Room at The Tango Taichung

Across the bed is an extra-large television, which rests on a low-level console that also houses a DVD player. The television is hooked up to a Pioneer-branded sound system, with two large speakers on each side. This is surely not something you’d often find at a hotel! Next to the television is a desk with an ergonomic Contessa chair, which I liked, as well as several power outlets. There is also a small luggage rack between the television and the desk.

Premium King Room at The Tango Taichung

As we were quite high up in the building, we had an expansive view of the surrounding skyline. Despite that, much of our view goes straight to the local apartment building across, which honestly isn’t the best view there is. However, I reckon these views are to be expected from a hotel outside the main roads of Taichung.

View from the Premium King Room


Located by the entrance foyer is the tile-clad bathroom, which features a combined shower and bathtub. Now, whilst the bedroom still looked relatively modern, the bathroom did feel slightly older and in need of a refresh. However, I was happy to find that the water pressure from both the showerhead and the bathtub was excellent. Furthermore, I also quite liked the Verbena-fragranced bath amenities, which was from a local brand called Desire and Passion. Hmm… quite a risqué name, if you ask me. 😉

Bathroom in the Premium King Room

In addition, the toilet features a heated seat and a bidet washlet function, as you’d often find in Taiwanese hotels. Whilst not as snazzy as the Toto Neorest bidets found in many East Asian luxury hotels, this does the job very well, too. Interestingly, there is also a telephone by the toilet, which you don’t see often anymore nowadays.

Bathroom in the Premium King Room


As is the case at many local hotel chains in Taiwan, breakfast is automatically included in the room rate. This is no exception at The Tango. Since the hotel does not have a proper restaurant, breakfast is instead served at the hotel’s guest lounge. The offering consists of a makeshift buffet featuring a relatively modest selection of hot dishes alongside some bread and pastries, as well as fruits and a salad. Outside breakfast time, this space converts back into a seating lounge, with complimentary coffee from a machine for guests.

The Lounge
The Lounge

Apart from the pastries and cereal, most of the dishes are either Taiwanese or suited to Taiwanese tastes. Even though I wouldn’t consider the food to be especially high quality or to my personal liking, I still appreciated the offering of a complimentary breakfast. The following is the spread and I’ll let the pictures of food speak for itself.

Breakfast spread at The Tango
Hot breakfast spread at The Tango
Breakfast spread at The Tango
Breakfast plate



The Tango Taichung has a small gymnasium located on the basement floor of the hotel. The gymnasium is well-kept and features a few cardio and weight equipment.

Gymnasium at The Tango Taichung (photo: The Tango)

Laundry Room

Like many business and midmarket hotels in Taiwan, The Tango Taichung has a self-service laundry room for guests that can be used free of charge. Although I didn’t make use of the facility myself, I feel that this is an especially valuable amenity for those with longer stays.

Laundry Room at The Tango Taichung (photo: The Tango)


Whilst the majority of the staff didn’t seem especially proficient in speaking English, I found them to be very friendly and eager to help. I also found and appreciated that the staff weren’t shy to greet and help guests. For instance, when it came to requesting a taxi from the reception, the friendly reception agent personally went outside to inform the driver of our destination. She even stood by the entrance and waved goodbye as we departed from the hotel. Now, that’s good service!


Overall, I think that The Tango is a reasonably nice business hotel in Taichung. Whilst I had no clue what the hotel would be like, I was impressed by the offering of The Tango. For one, I liked the comfortable rooms and the good service at the hotel, although I did find the location to be a bit out of the way for my needs. Additionally, whilst complimentary, I also did not find the breakfast offering to be particularly compelling. However, despite all that, I wouldn’t hesitate to return to The Tango Taichung, especially if the price is right.

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