Review: Blue Sky Lounge Terminal 1 CGK

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Blue Sky Lounge Terminal 1A

Airport : Soekarno-Hatta Airport Jakarta (CGK)
Terminal : Terminal 1 (Domestic)
Access : Priority Pass, Lounge Key, Dragon Pass
Access Purchase: IDR 160,000 (Mar 2023)
Operator : Blue Sky
Date of Visit : March 2023

Blue Sky is an Indonesian operator of airport lounges, hotels, and restaurants. They operate a number of lounges spread between major cities across Indonesia. Specifically, in Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Blue Sky operates a lounge in every domestic terminal – including Terminal 1A.

Lounge Access

If the lounge’s entry screens are still accurate, Blue Sky Lounge Terminal 1 accepts LoungeKey, Priority Pass, and Dragon Pass, amongst others. Regardless, access can be purchased at the door for IDR 160,000 (£9) which I think is quite a reasonably low price. 

Since Terminal 1 does not have any full-service airlines, this Blue Sky isn’t used as a contract lounge for any airline.


The Blue Sky Lounge is located kerbside at Terminal 1A. As such, it is possible to access the lounge without even going into the terminal’s security and document check. Inconveniently though, the lounge isn’t airside. Additionally, upon exit, you’d have to go back outside and go through the initial document checks, though it would be much quicker since they have a dedicated pathway. 

Entrance to the Blue Sky Lounge at Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 1A

Check-in Service

Despite the odd access, the lounge has a trump card in the form of a check-in service. As such, the lounge staff will retrieve your boarding pass and drop your bags for you. Best of all, this is included in the lounge fee. I imagine this will be super convenient when the check-in lines are long during peak hours of the day! 

Sure enough, after quoting my flight itinerary and booking references, and taking a copy of my ID, I received my boarding pass around 30 minutes after entry.

Reception in the Blue Sky Lounge

Blue Sky Lounge

After entry, the lounge consists of one medium-sized room with a food buffet in the middle and sets of sofa chairs surrounding it. Funnily, the furniture looked suspiciously similar to the ones used in the now-closed JAS Premier Lounge in Terminal 2. Regardless, it looked recently reupholstered.

Blue Sky Lounge

Lounge Seating

Given the relatively small size of the lounge, seating options are limited to sofa chairs. There is also an even more limited number of high-top seating by the buffet and towards one corner of the lounge.

Seating in the Blue Sky Lounge

Whilst the furniture wasn’t cutting edge, they were surprisingly very comfortable to sit on. I was also pleasantly surprised by the good number of power outlets, which are placed on the consoles between each pair of chairs.

Seating in the Blue Sky Lounge
Seating in the Blue Sky Lounge
Rows of chairs in the Blue Sky Lounge

Finally, there are also three VIP rooms available, hidden in a corridor behind the buffet. I wasn’t sure if access could be purchased, but I imagine this being utilised by government officials (since the seal of a government body is shown as a valid means of entry).

VIP Room


At the food spread in the centre of the lounge, there are several options of Indonesian and Asian dishes. There are three bain-maries, which had fried noodles, stir-fried vegetables, and kung pao chicken. 

Hot dishes
Hot dishes

Behind this was a small cut fruit and dessert station, featuring cakes and puddings. Also here were the pots containing Indonesian soto lamongan soup and a kolak dessert soup. 

Cut fruits station
Desserts and cakes
Food spread

They also have a selection of Indonesian fritters and streamed root vegetables on one side.  

Indonesian fritters

Interestingly, there is also a cooked-to-order food station, featuring Indonesian gado-gado salad, Sundanese fried chicken and tofu, as well as instant noodles. This is quite a nice choice of Indonesian food, unlike say, the Garuda Indonesia Lounge

Cooked-to-order food station


Impressively, the lounge has fresh barista-made coffee. I had a cappuccino, which was eons ahead of the machine-made stuff. Very nice!

Barista-made cappucino

In terms of beverages, they also have bottles of water and jamu, an Indonesian herbal remedy drink.

Beverage station


The lounge has one small toilet in the corner by the entrance. The toilet looked old and a bit worn but was actually dry, clean, and spotless. Showers are expectedly not available.

Toilet in the Blue Sky Lounge
Urinals in the Blue Sky Lounge


Overall, I think the Blue Sky Lounge is a relatively decent lounge. However, with its unique check-in service, I could see how this lounge would be beneficial for travellers seeking convenience.

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